Procida Island, Naples

Procida is an often overlooked island off the coast of Naples. You can get a very smooth ferry there in an hour. Which means you can transport yourself from the chaotic, humid, cobbled streets of Napoli, to the calm, breezy amble of Procida in less time than you can make a Risotto. I really welcomed the change of pace. 

I have been in Naples for a little over two weeks now, and me and the city are just starting to understand each other now. The initial week was tough, but that wasn’t the city’s fault, (we will go into that in another post). Living in a built up city has been me realise just how much I appreciate having the option of a quiet place – not to be screaming in bath tub, unless Jon Krasinski is nearby, hello sir 😛  Naples is a very intense, hot, loud, passionate city. So I found myself needing less. Less traffic, less noise, less stimulation.

The Island of Procida is out in the same direction as Ischia, but closer to the mainland. It is a very small island that you can easily wander from one side to the other in one long day. Or if you’re a beach bum like me, you head straight for your first sandy beach in months, and try not to cry happy tears as you stride into the perfectly refreshing ocean.

1, 2, 3, and DUNK. 

I really don’t think I feel more at home, or at peace, than when I am by a large body of water, especially when it’s sunny. So laying on my front, scrunching my toes into the volcanic black sand of Spiaggia Chiaia, I felt calm, and exhaaaale. The only thoughts in my head were of the salty sea water trickling off my body, leaving behind a familiar feeling of the sun drying my skin. 

“Wow, I don’t think I’m scared of you anymore” 

I was talking to the sun, in my head. As you do. You see the week before, Doris (thats what I call the Moaning Myrtle that sometimes takes the wheel in my mind), has decided that the sun was bad. If I was the perfect amount of hydrated, fed, but not tired from food, walking fast enough to get me home but not so fast as to make myself feel lightheaded, I would OFCOURSE pass out in the streets of Naples. This is genuinely what she had me believing for the past two weeks.

And knowing my luck, in front of a gorgeous Italian. Oh bore off Doris, tell me something useful love. But here’s the thing with anxiety, when you’re really in the thick of it. You believe her, and you struggle to see the reality through the nonsense.

Anyway back to me and my gorgeous beachy realisation. I had been laying on this beach for a good hour, and was totally fine, more than fine, I was hungry.

Right let’s go find Lunch!

 Note to self, lets maybe not wear a knitted dress over a damp bikini in future ay babe?

The streets of Procida are pretty quiet, and very narrow. It’s pretty unlikely that you will meet a car when strolling around, but you will encounter a lot of scooters. Luckily all drivers in Italy love their horns (insert joke about Italians being very horny, sorry, had to) so you will always hear them coming. No behave, too far 😛 .

After a short walk I found the Marina Corricella, which is home to many highly rated restaurants, mainly of the seafood variety. The buildings dotted along this stretch of coastline are gorgeous. I do wish I could have snuck onto a boat to get a photo of them all, from the sea, but alas you will have to make do with this photo I took from a viewpoint just before the Marina.

I stopped at one of the many seafood spots and ordered an incredible clam linguine. I could’ve easily eaten a bucketful of this.

And yes that is Michael Pollan’s book about psychedelics. And yes, its covered in the remains of a Pret yogurt.. thats a story for another day!

I love the many colours of this island, I think when I imagined my time in Italy, it was this.

Bright blue skies, and water, and pastel houses. Thanks for being an absolute babe Procida. You were just want I needed today.

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