Whoopsie, Kavos.

So imagine the scene, ya girl booked a last minute deal for a solo trip to Corfu. It wasn’t until she signed on the dotted line, that she realised she had booked a hotel in Kavos. Anyone would think I’d got really rusty on this whole travel malarkey during the pandemic. Guilty as charged. This was my first trip in about 3 years, and for a travel junkie, it stuuuuung.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Kavos. If you like booze, karaoke bars, and western food brought to you by the pool, then you’re onto a winner. There was also a super cute cat that would appear out of nowhere any time I had food. Hi Friend ๐Ÿ™‚

Kavos isn't Corfu Old Town

I had been to Corfu Old Town years before, and really liked it. Which is why I thought going back there for 5 days of solo recharge, would be perfect. Turns out, Kavos is at the Southern most tip of the island, just a casual 1hr and 20 minute drive from where I wanted to be. But you know what, I think it was just what I needed, which was a few days of books by the pool, lemon Fanta, and greek seasoned chips.

Once recharged, I jumped on a coach to Corfu Old Town, and did all the things I love. Aimlessly wandered the streets in the sunshine, stopping only to dart into cute clothing stores, buy little pots of pistachio ice cream, and fall in love with all the jewellery. I spent about an hour just following my nose, marvelling at the local architecture. And found the most banging of Salmon Salads, the views while I ate werenโ€™t bad either ๐Ÿ˜‰

Side Note: You want the Pistachio ice cream that isn’t bright green, and piled high, the flat greens brown one is the cats pyjamas (British for very good indeed)

I had to be back at the coach spot for 3pm, so after an unexpected chat with some Americans at the table next to me, I jumped on the coach to head home, or so I thought… Incorrect, we were taken to a bar at the top of a hill, over looking the airport, for a good half hour. Did we know why? Nooooope. Did it mean I could eat more ice cream? Sure did.

And then back to the hotel for more reading, tanning, and eating in bed.

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