Following Your Gut…

Following your gut Me dancing in a macrame dress, on the balcony of a hut, in the Western Ghats, in India

Since I went travelling in 2018/2019 I have felt this calling that that was the lifestyle for me. Living abroad, surrounded by like minded people, doing it differently.

I remember coming back from that time, determined to make it a lifestyle, but back then I was still valuing societies opinions and expectations, over my everyday happiness. I felt like I was living a lie. Scrambling about in different directions, searching for approval in the labels I chose for myself. At the time, those labels were “vegan” “unfocused” and “unlikely to succeed”.

In the five years that followed I have been on one hell of a journey, but this time it didn’t involve a single plane ticket. I have fought my way through the opinions of others, and really taken a look at the pressures and milestones that are expected of us by society. And with each passing year I have got to know myself more, and more. I have dug down into my core to discover what really matters to me, what truly makes me feel “happy” and “successful” and even though I feel like I have made so much progress, I know that this is an ongoing journey.

Did I want it, or was it what was expected?

grew up convinced that I wanted a husband, a big house, and kids. And now I find myself questioning so much of what is considered “normal”. Society portrays an image of success as being in a relationship, having a mortgage, and going on 2 holidays a year. I can tell you right now, that’s not the life for me. 

I sit here now as a women questioning life. And it has brought so much more joy into my life. Do I want kids? Do I want/need a partner? Would I want to ever be married, even if I did find love? Do I have to live in the country I was born in? Can I truly be happy single? Do I have to stick to one career for the rest of my life? If I have kids, do they have to be biologically mine?

I have now set in motion a new chapter of my life. A life that I know will make ME feel fulfilled. And I am so so excited. Starting in August, I am leaping into my new life, and I cant wait to tell you all about it.

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