Happily Ever After?

Disney Land Romance Expectations

Where is my Italian prince? I had some how convinced myself that the moment I stepped foot onto Italian soil, I would be swept up by my dream guy and live happily ever after. There are two issues I take with that phrase. Firstly babe, be happy before them, please!! Happy isn’t a destination that you find yourself permanently in, it’s a journey and if you were “happy” 24/7 you would soon grow tired and ungrateful towards it. And secondly Ems, what’s with these ridiculously high expectations you’re setting for your life. 

As my friend said, let’s not dream of Disney and then feel let down. My life is becoming more and more what I dream of everyday, and yet I still have days here in Naples where Doris takes the reigns and I find myself saying “has this trip been a waste of time, because I haven’t fallen madly in love with my prince?”

What in the princess diaries is wrong with me?! Why would I focus on this so heavily?! I will tell you why, the entire dialogue around being single is enough to leave you feeling like the last kid in PE class to be picked.

Five minutes into meeting someone new, the conversation will be steered round to “so do you have a partner” which is often followed by a well meaning “oh I’m sure you’ll meet them soon”.

Even the hotel business is setting us up to feel like the troll under the bridge, do you know that many places will charge you more to travel alone, than they would a couple?

As young girls we’re feed storylines in films, where the happy ending is being in a couple, and we’re told we should be dreaming of our prince and dream wedding. Snow White is literally dead, until kissed by the right man.

Need I go on? So it’s unsurprising that every now and then us single ladies start to worry about being left on the shelf, or if we really do have scales, and can we truly have our happy ending without our prince/princess. There’s a joke in there about the orgasm gap for sure. That’s a discussion for another post…

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