Procida Island, Naples

Procida is an often overlooked island off the coast of Naples. You can get a very smooth ferry there in an hour. Which means you can transport yourself from the chaotic, humid, cobbled streets of Napoli, to the calm, breezy amble of Procida in less time than you can make a Risotto. I really welcomed …

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Whoopsie, Kavos.

So imagine the scene, ya girl booked a last minute deal for a solo trip to Corfu. It wasn’t until she signed on the dotted line, that she realised she had booked a hotel in Kavos. Anyone would think I’d got really rusty on this whole travel malarkey during the pandemic. Guilty as charged. This …

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Happily Ever After?

Disney Land Romance Expectations

Where is my Italian prince? I had some how convinced myself that the moment I stepped foot onto Italian soil, I would be swept up by my dream guy and live happily ever after. There are two issues I take with that phrase. Firstly babe, be happy before them, please!! Happy isn’t a destination that …

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Take Your Damn Meds

take your damn meds

“Take Your Damn Meds” The words leapt off the page, as if just for me. Reading these words stopped me in my tracks. I was reading Glennon Doyle’s book, Untamed. A week before my doctor had very lovingly suggested it might be time for me to try daily medication for my anxiety. I had spent …

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