All the things my brain likes (That yours might too)

I want this page to be a gorgeous mix, of all the things that my ADHD brain needs, and loves. ADHD can also involve a few other party tricks, like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, RSD (Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria), Impulsive behaviours, being prone to addiction, and many more treats I will go into at some point.

This page will be filled with all my favourite books, YouTube channels, current food fixations, hobbies past and present. I will try out routines, meditations, supplements etc, and report back to you, like the internet bestie that I am. 

I recently read a book called “Brain vs. Me” And I really resonated with the way that the author separated her thoughts, from herself. I am slowly learning what my brain needs, to be at her best. So below are some lists (cos we love a list here) of things that my brain loves. 


me thriving with adhd feeling calm and happy

My Toolbox

Daily Routines that help me…..

  • Movement that I enjoy.
  • Meditation.
  • 15 minutes of reading in the morning.
  • Not drinking alcohol.
  • Limiting screen time (especially in the morning), by focusing on healthy dopamine sources
  • Eat protein with every meal.
  • Making sure my magnesium and hydration levels are high.

Brain hacks that help me..

  • Breaking tasks down until they’re step by step while I’m struggling with starting a task.
  • Trying to allow space before reacting to large emotions.
  • Journaling. 
  • Remembering to be kind to myself.
  • Being honest with your boundaries with yourself and others.
  • Not shaming myself for needing recharge days.

creators that my brain likes

YouTube is probably the social media platform that I use the most. It’s like my little Dopamine pal. Most of my sudden interests, and my long term loves, have been satisfied on there. Whether its long form conversations, astrology and tarot predictions, big sister Mel Robbins, meditations, or my favourite pilates and yoga instructors. Youtube is the one for me.

Instagram in the past has been an unhealthy place for me, but now that i have put in some healthy parameters, I am able to curate what I see, and how I want to use it.


Books i have loved

The majority of the books that I enjoy are centred around better understanding Humanity. Either from a Psychology point of view (Dr Nicole LePera), physiological (James Nestor), or learning to love my ADHD mind (Hayley Morris)

Currently reading: Start With Why by Simon Sinek.