Hyper Focus Land

Some examples of the painting I did.

As with many Neuro Spicies, I love the thrill of finding new interests, and going into them with all the enthusiasm of a toddler in a ball pit. Up to my neck basically. Tell me everything there is to know, or leave me with Google to hunt it all out for myself. Welcome, to Hyper …

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Accepting My Sexuality

accepting my sexuality

Dr Nicole LePera talks in her book “How To Do The Work” about how memories that you have suppressed might invisible stumbling blocks. Stopping you from being your truest self. The impact of those words changed my life. Sat cross legged on the lounge floor in Manchester, it all began to unravel. Suddenly I was …

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The Doris Diaries

I want to introduce you to The Doris Diaries.  Doris is a right neggy Nelly, and left to her own devices, she would assume the worst about most things. She will pop up to tell me my friends don’t like me, or maybe that I am not good enough to pursuit my dreams. Doris (when …

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Procida Island, Naples

Procida is an often overlooked island off the coast of Naples. You can get a very smooth ferry there in an hour. Which means you can transport yourself from the chaotic, humid, cobbled streets of Napoli, to the calm, breezy amble of Procida in less time than you can make a Risotto. I really welcomed …

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Whoopsie, Kavos.

So imagine the scene, ya girl booked a last minute deal for a solo trip to Corfu. It wasn’t until she signed on the dotted line, that she realised she had booked a hotel in Kavos. Anyone would think I’d got really rusty on this whole travel malarkey during the pandemic. Guilty as charged. This …

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