Who am i?


I have always had a keen interest in people, and what makes them tick (Psychology was the only class in school that wouldn’t send me to sleep). From a young age, I was also drawn to unusual modalities of healing, I remember having a book about massage in my early teens, and having the concept of Reflexology explained to me at 15, and thinking it made perfect sense. I have always accepted there is so much of this universe we are yet to understand within the realms of Science, and I find that incredibly exciting. What will future generations accept as obvious, that we currently have no tools to understand.

After experiencing anxiety for most of my childhood and twenties, i experienced a mental health breakdown, during the pandemic lockdowns, I later went on to be diagnosed with ADHD as a result. During this time I was looking for answers that I couldn’t find. And that is when I settled on the idea of creating this site. 

about me laughing on a hilltop

My Purpose..

I hope that this slice of the internet will serve as whatever you need it to be. And that it will grow with me too. I want to celebrate that we’re all multifaceted humans so you’ll be getting many (ADHD) tangents from me.

I hope this will become a place for vulnerability, inspiration, community, and celebrating milestones that might otherwise be ignored.

Currently Exploring..

Devon, UK

My Passions..

I really enjoy bouncing through a few different topics that I love. I’m slowly learning to keep a few different ones in rotation, instead of accidentally loving them too hard, and losing them forever.