Psych & Suitcase

A 30 something's journey....

When you know yourself you are empowered. When you accept yourself you are invincible.


As an ADHD’er I have a pretty insatiable appetite for learning about things that interest me. This page is a chaotic swirl of all my favourite things, that I dip in and out of. 

My Toolbox

This is a selection of tools I have picked up over the last few years to help improve my mental health, relationship with myself, and my everyday life.

Since being diagnosed with ADHD I have been on a mission to discover the little hacks that my brain likes. This has been all sorts of weird and wonderful things like needing crunchy food at around 3pm to fight the brain exhaustion, or the fact that I have to break tasks down into the tiniest steps so that I can start the tasks that my brain has decided are boring.

From what I have learnt, ADHD can be different from person to person, so its been an adventure.  This website doesn’t replace professional medical advice. I am just sharing my personal experiences. Hopefully you’ll find something in here that helps you, or makes you and your brain feel less alone :)